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A diploma and a practical course

The graduates of International Co-operative University (MKU™) receive an internationally recognized diploma, approved by the European Union. As a rule, each student during the studying period has to plan his own corporate business, to develop detailed business plan and all necessary documents and to establish international business relations with potential partners, consumers and investors. The students, who distinguished themselves most of all during the study and practical courses (self-financing cooperative projects), will by granted a long-term loan of 200 thousand Euros bearing the lowest rate for the period of five years. The investments, made by MKU™ graduates into the private corporative business, are destined for cooperative economic forms development in Europe, Africa and in the American continents.



Hazm Mahegir
Aug. 9th, 2015 06:26 am (UTC)
More information regarding cost of Diploma/Graduation program, scholarship and endorsement by EU
please provide information of the captioned subject.