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A diploma and a practical course

The graduates of International Co-operative University (MKU™) receive an internationally recognized diploma, approved by the European Union. As a rule, each student during the studying period has to plan his own corporate business, to develop detailed business plan and all necessary documents and to establish international business relations with potential partners, consumers and investors. The students, who distinguished themselves most of all during the study and practical courses (self-financing cooperative projects), will by granted a long-term loan of 200 thousand Euros bearing the lowest rate for the period of five years. The investments, made by MKU™ graduates into the private corporative business, are destined for cooperative economic forms development in Europe, Africa and in the American continents.


Probations and grants

Training programs of the students of International Co-operative University (MKU™) provide obligatory participation of all students and teachers of the Institute in different profile seminars, forums, conferences and other socially meaningful cooperative events, which are carried out in the scientific world centers. Successful students are given the right for a trimestrial probation – on the second course – in Budapest, Prague or Stockholm; on the third course – in Madrid or in the capital of one of the countries of Latin America, on the fourth course – in Tokyo or Hong-Kong. The main task of probation of MKU™ students is not only gaining experience of cooperative activity in the other country, but also establishment of personal and business relations with colleagues on cooperative movement.


Form of education

A classical training process is based on the daily use of contemporary Internet technologies by the student. Apart from that, once in two weeks students and listeners of the International Co-Operative University (MKU™) have to take part in the work of a three days’ seminar in Prague (Czech Rep.). A background course “introduction to education” on the first course is carried out from January to May during 4 months. Foreign students are offered the necessary study of English language. A standard academic year includes 10 months (from September to June) and is divided on three semesters (September-October-November; December-January-February; March-April-May) and an examination month (June).


Purpose of education.

Students get professional training, necessary for the work at cooperative enterprises, in international cooperative projects and socially stable regional systems of consumer cooperation, which are financed by the International Co-Operative Credit Bureau (ICCB™). Students and listeners of the International Co-Operative University (MKU™) can be private (independent) entrepreneurs, shareholders of other cooperative organizations and credit unions of different regions and countries of the world. The main task of their training is to obtain professional cooperative education for the development of private business.


The history of the project

The International Co-Operative University (MKU™) was founded in August 2007 by decision of cooperative organizations of Russia, Czech Rep., Croatia, Estonia and other countries of the European Union. Financing of the project on the initial stage was carried out by the International Co-Operative Credit Bureau (ICCB™). The stage wise project development of the International Cooperative University (MKU™) is intended for the most optimal training process with the use of Internet technologies and modern types of business in cooperative activity.